Business card design is sexy in 24 hours 90x50 mm 85x55mm

Featured Pack

Featured Pack



Freedom of choice

The Featured Pack contains 12 handpicked business card templates. Besides being spectacular they result in greater sales conversion when you handle them to your customers. The Featured Pack contains the following card templates:

  • Premium Card 09
  • Premium Card 10
  • Premium Card 11
  • Premium Card 12
  • Premium Card 13
  • Premium Card 18
  • Premium Card 25
  • Premium Card 34
  • Premium Card 37
  • Premium Card 38
  • Traditional Card 06
  • Traditional Card 10

Recommended to entrepreneurs and new business owners whose public image is still forming and do not want to make a hasty decision but have a handful of branding choices. Also recommended for design studios and marketing agencies offering this service for their prospect customers.  

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The Premiumbizcard Team wishes you great success in all your future endeavors.

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