Business card design is sexy in 24 hours 90x50 mm 85x55mm

How long does it take to prepare my card?
Premiumbizcard guarantees delivery within 24 hours after receiving your card details, if there are no additional requests.
What if I would like to change something after production?
The business card might look different with a longer name or different colors. For our customers’ satisfaction we offer one revision free of charge within 3 days. You can change your logo placement, choose different font, pick another color etc. as long as it is a minor modification.
What is the Featured Pack and Global Bundle?
The Featured Pack contains 12 handpicked business card templates, which in our humble opinion look the best and may result in biggest conversation when you handle them to your customers. Recommended to entrepreneurs and new businesses whose brand is still forming and do not want to make a hasty decision but have a handful of choices.

The Global Bundle contains all the cards we offer on our websites. This bundle is an invaluable asset for designers or marketing agencies who would like to expand their portfolio and impress their customers with the beautiful business cards.

What is the file size of the Templates and the Bundles?

The standard file size of our Templates is around 2 MB. This amount of data can be quickly downloaded and does not take much of your data traffic even from mobile phone.

The Featured Pack containing our top 12 designs weights approximately 47 MB. We recommend using Wifi or cabled internet to download.

The Global Bundle contains all our business card templates. Its size is 122 MB and might take a while to download. We do not recommend using mobile data.

How can I edit my Template files?
The Template files are in PSD format. You need Adobe Photoshop to open them.
The card design and layers are grouped, you can easily edit them with no prior designer experience.
In case you run into trouble, a quick Google search and the various instructive videos can help.
Why can't I chose the dimensions of the Template file?

To avoid confusion and make it easier for our customers we decided to pack both the 90×50 mm and 85×55 mm Template files into one compressed package. Whenever you purchase a Template file it will contain 2 files for the two versions.

Consequently, the Featured Pack and the Global Bundle has duplicated Template files as well in both sizes.

What is lifetime access? How can I access my templates later?
You can access your downloads at the Account tab and download your Template file again any time.
This includes the Featured Pack and the Global Bundle as well.

Print-ready card designs cannot be hosted on our servers due to the privacy-related laws, such as GDPR which prevents us from holding private data for a longer time. These files can be always found in your mailbox and wherever you save them on your device.

What fonts do you use for the business card designs?
Most of the designs contain the following fonts:

  • Nexa Bold
  • Nexa Light
  • Lato
  • Myriad Pro

In case you would like to have your card with different font, please mention it in the Message box or send the font in email.

How can I correct a typo after submitting my order?
Send us a mail to and we will sort it out.
Can I change my order and pick different product?
For the business card designs, yes you can, as long as the production has not started. You can choose another design with the same price, just let us know in email.

Templates and Bundles however are different, since you receive the source file. In this case you cannot change your order, but purchase the other one.

I am not satisfied with the product. Can I get a refund?
We are very sorry if you are not satisfied with your new business card. In our product description, zoom-able product preview images and thumbnails, and in our overall service we attempt to be very transparent about the cards.
Due to the nature of our service (instant downloads, invested work hours in your custom design) refunds are not possible.
Make sure you send us an email with your complaint and we will see what we can do.
Card details
Where can I specify what data I would like on my card?
After placing an order you will receive an automated confirmation to your mailbox.
This contains a link to our SSL protected Card Details form.
Fill in then submit this form, and our designer will start working on your card right away!
What should I write to the basic fields?
Name: your or your colleague’s name. You can add specific title such as Dr. or Jr.
In case you have a longer name make sure you choose a card design which fits.

Email: The email you used for your purchase. This is used to identify you.
By default, this email appears in your Contact field on your card too. If you would like to change that, please note it in the Message box.

Position: this can be your position within the company, your job title, profession or even your business name.

Business slogan: This represents the short summary or slogan of your services. Should not be longer than few words.
Examples: “Business support”, “Sexiest T-shirt designs”, “Web – Business – Marketing”
Not supported in every card designs.

Can I change the design? Like adding longer business slogan?
Yes, you can. Our team is handing request flexibly, we can change font size or break down your slogan to multiple lines for example.

However if you would like modifications which involve major changes in the layout, you should buy the Template file and change it freely.

How many contact information should I specify?
The number of contact info on your business card is based on the design. Most of the designs have 3 fields designated for contact information. In case you would like to have more or less fields, please specify in the Message box. Please be advised, the card’s aesthetics might suffer the changes.
In case you would like to change the default number of contact information we highly recommend buying the Template files and experimenting with the modified layout.
Can I add other social media links and contacts?
Yes, you can. The predefined values are there to help filling in the form.
Make sure you include what social or communication platform you would like to display, not only your link.
For example: Google+ – mylittlecard
Can you prepare my card in different size or color?
The card size and colors are preset and modifications are not included in the base price.
In case you would like to resize or use other color palette, please buy the Template files.
Optionally, send a mail to with your request and we will see what we can do.
What should I write to the "Additional requests" field?
In this section you can request minor modification which do not halt the production process.
Minor modifications are for example: different font, different order in displaying contact info, changes in logo placement etc.
Also if you would like another email address to be used on your card design that the one you used for the purchase, please write it here.
What should I know when I upload my logo(s)?
The maximum size for your logo is 10 Mb. In case you have multiple files, compress them to a .zip archive and upload them in a single file. Optionally, you can send your logo files directly to our mailbox to

The accepted file formats are the following: PNG, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PSD, ZIP.

Can I print my card at home?
Theoretically, yes you can.
However these cards were designed to be printed by professionals operating high quality, professional printing machines. For the best experience and result we strongly recommend visiting one of the printing shops nearby.
Can I add finishers to the business card?
The Premium Business Cards look the best with matte surface, especially the dark ones. You can also add an UV layer, but in this case purchase the Template file and consult with your printing store.

The Traditional Business Cards use different shades of white, black and grey. Embossed surface (black letters) gives a very professional look.

All our cards look great with rounded corners and it fits the bold design.

What are the technical parameters of the cards?
Designs are in JPG and PDF formats, Templates are in PSD format.
Used 8 bit CMYK colors. 300 DPI resolution
Templates always have 5 mm bleed.
What if my printing store has problems with printing the card?
The business cards are made in the most common format in printing industry.
However it is always possible – especially for smaller printing stores, like in a mall – that they use different formats.

Contact us in email with the detailed problem and we will figure out a way.

Do you guys offer printing and shipping as well?
Premiumbizcard is currently not offering printing services, but we can involve a professional printer 3rd party company who can handle your request. The production and shipping costs are based on the volume and the shipping address.

Contact us and we will see what we can do.

How can I pay for my order?
The accepted payment methods via our SSL encryption are the following:

Bank cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro
Online wallets: PayPal
Bank transfer: via OTP SimplePay

Can I receive invoice to my company's address?
Sure thing.
Make sure you add the necessary info in your order details.
Optionally, send us an email about it.
Can I make a bank transfer?

Yes, you can.
Do not purchase via the webshop but write us an email with your chosen design.
We will send you the proforma invoice and you can pay immediately using OTP SimplePay.